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It can be a significant, life-changing, and overwhelming decision if you’re seeking a San Clemente drug rehab center for yourself or a person you care about.  

Harbor Detox is a leading Southern California addiction treatment center and inpatient rehab facility with programs to help treat the underlying causes of addiction for a lasting recovery.

The Science of Addiction

You’ll often hear the term “evidence-based addiction treatment,” and this has an important meaning. For a long time, addiction to drugs or alcohol was viewed as a lack of willpower or a personal failing. Scientific and clinical evidence has helped us understand that’s not the case. Addiction is a chronic disease with biological and environmental contributing factors.

When someone develops an addiction, their use isn’t in their control. They can’t just quit because they want to. Other chronic diseases like heart disease are similar in that, first, they require appropriate treatment to get them under control, and second, they aren’t curable but are very treatable. With evidence-based professional treatment, you can counteract the brain-related effects of addiction and regain control of your life.

When a person initially uses drugs or alcohol with addictive potential, that may be voluntary. However, these substances can interact with dopamine production and reuptake, stimulating the reward response in the brain. That is what can trigger addiction. Dependence can also occur. With dependence, a person’s brain has adjusted its neurotransmitter production to accommodate the substance’s presence. When attempting to stop using that substance you depend on, your brain can struggle to return to normalcy without it, causing withdrawal symptoms.

If you’re seeking a San Clemente drug rehab center, Harbor Detox is nearby, offering medical detox and inpatient rehab programs.


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What Are the Symptoms of Addiction?

Addiction, since it is a disease, has defined diagnostic criteria. Healthcare providers and mental health professionals can use these criteria to diagnose a substance use disorder as mild, moderate, or severe, with a severe substance use disorder known as addiction. The American Psychiatric Association publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which includes the criteria for diagnosing a substance use disorder.  

Symptoms of addiction can include:

  • Having a tolerance and requiring higher doses to get desired effects.
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur if cutting back or stopping.
  • Risky use.
  • Social or relationship problems occur related to substance use.
  • Neglecting other responsibilities at home, school, or work.
  • Repeated failed attempts to control use or quit.
  • Using larger amounts than anticipated or using the substance for longer than expected.
  • A lot of time is dedicated to using the substance.
  •  Physical or psychological problems occur.
  • Other activities are neglected.

Addiction is diagnosed as mild if two or three criteria apply to them. Four or five of the above symptoms indicate a moderate substance use disorder while meeting six or more of the symptoms indicates a severe SUD or addiction.

For anyone searching for a San Clemente drug rehab center, please contact Harbor Detox. Our medical detox and inpatient rehab programs are based on research but also a sense of compassion and human connection.

Stories of Recovery

Experience, Strength & Hope

I'd recommend this place to anyone trying to better themselves, this place truly saved my life..I have the upmost respect for each and every TECH and COUNSELOR here..The program Director's are always looking out for you and your concerns..The program likes to actually take you out for walks, the beach, to other fun outings and breathing exercises on the beach..TY to everyone....
Thomas C. Alumni
Harbor Detox was truly a God send! After countless tries at other facilities, I finally found the treatment program that worked best for me. I am coming up on one year sober and I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of Harbor Detox!
John Doe Alumni

How Is Addiction Treated?

Anyone looking for a San Clemente drug rehab center should consider the different types of therapies and approaches used during the treatment process.

Most people start their addiction treatment with a medical detox. Once they do that, behavioral therapies are a cornerstone of rehab programs. In some cases, medications may also be used.

Behavioral therapies are a way to help you change your attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors related to substance use. The goal is to give you the tools to manage stress in your daily life and handle triggers that could lead to a relapse otherwise. Behavioral therapies also help make medicines more effective and help people stay in treatment for an adequate time.

Some of the many behavioral therapies that could be part of a treatment plan include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) helps you recognize and cope with situations where you might most likely use drugs or alcohol.
  • Contingency management relies on rewards and other positive reinforcement to encourage you to remain drug-free and keep up with your counseling and medications.
  • Motivational enhancement therapy is based on people’s willingness to change their behavior and begin a treatment program.
  • Addiction affects family members extensively, and family therapy helps people with substance use problems and their families deal with drug use patterns and improve communication and functioning.

Some of the principles of effective treatment based on research include:

  • Addiction should be viewed as a complicated but treatable disease affecting behavior and brain function.
  • There’s not one single treatment right for every person.
  • Accessibility to treatment is essential.
  • It’s critical to stay in treatment for long enough.
  • Counseling and behavioral therapies are the most common treatment approaches.
  • Medications can also be an essential part of a treatment plan combined with behavioral therapy.
  • A treatment plan should be reviewed regularly, with changes if needed based on the patient’s needs.
  • Treatment doesn’t have to be voluntary.
  • A medically assisted detox is just the first step of treatment.

Harbor Detox is an available option if you are looking for a San Clemente detox center or a San Clemente addiction treatment center, as it’s located nearby in Southern California.


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An effective addiction treatment program will usually follow a continuum-of-care model. This has been found to reduce the relapse risk.

With a continuum of care, you might participate in some or all of the below:

  • A medical detox tends to be the first step in treatment. This is when someone receives around-the-clock medical supervision, medications, and other treatment interventions to deal with withdrawal symptoms.
  • Since medical detox isn’t a standalone addiction treatment, the next phase is often an inpatient rehab facility. These residential treatment programs are intensive, structured, and very focused. You leave your home environment and triggers so that you are thinking entirely about recovery.
  • Once someone completes a residential program, they might move into a lower level of care on an outpatient basis. This could include a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, or a standard outpatient rehab. These programs can be transitional and let you use your newly developed coping skills in real-world situations.
  • Aftercare planning keeps you connected to your recovery even once you’re out of treatment. Your aftercare plan might include ongoing counseling and behavioral therapy, references to care providers for medication management, and encouragement to participate in a 12-step program or another type of support group.

If you’re ready to begin your recovery or help a loved one, contact Harbor Detox today.

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